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As the son of a teacher and a career public servant, Jeremy was taught at an early age the values of education and public service. Jeremy has carried this legacy into his adult life, devoting his time and talents to advocating for those who are less fortunate than he. For the past several years, he has dedicated his time and energy advocating for Missouri’s children in the Missouri Legislature as the Director of Public Policy for Kansas City’s Partnership for Children. He now stands poised to bring his passion, commitment and experience to Jefferson City as a state representative, and as an emerging leader in Kansas City.

Jeremy’s Family
A lifelong resident of Kansas City, Jeremy’s wife, Stephanie, works at the University of Kansas Cancer Center as a nurse practitioner specializing in breast cancer survivorship. For more than a decade, she has poured her time and energy into caring for hundreds of women who have been stricken by this all-too-common disease. Together, they have worked to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, raising more than $50,000 collectively over the past several years. The LaFaver family is truly committed to their community and work hard every day to help make the lives of those around them better.

The newest addition to the family, Isabelle, joined the world in 2011. In addition to being the heart and soul of their family, Izzy is one of the driving forces behind Jeremy’s desire to run for office. It is his hope that he can help make the 25th district in Kansas City the best possible place to raise a child, get an education, and set the foundation for success in life.

As a child advocate for Kansas City’s Partnership for Children, Jeremy helped pass numerous pieces of legislation in the Missouri legislature while leading the way to include millions of dollars for at-risk children and youth in Missouri’s budget. Highlights of his legislative accomplishments include:
• Creating Missouri’s Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruitment and Retention Fund. (HB 431 – 2011).
• Increasing the foster and adoptive clothing and diaper allowance by more than $3 million. (Missouri’s operating budget 2009-2012)
• Protecting the funding for child care assistance – one of the only budget line items to not suffer a cut in the last 5 years.
• Creating the Farm-To-Table Advisory Board (HB 344 - 2011).
• Increasing access to health insurance for low-income children (SB 583 – 2010).
• Improving the educational opportunities for children who have been abused and neglected (SB 291 and HB 154 2009).

His experience doesn’t just end at children’s issues. During the 2011 special legislative session, Jeremy worked with the Missouri Budget Project to keep more than $60 million in tax relief for low-income seniors. As a result of his leadership and hard work, the Missouri senate voted to keep this important benefit for seniors. (SB 8 2011 Special Legislative Session).

Jeremy and his wife Stephanie chose to raise their family in the Waldo area of Kansas City when they invested in their first home at 75th and Grand. Because of their investment in this neighborhood, they are committed to making Kansas City the best place to raise a family and the safest place to be a kid. The commitment Jeremy will bring to the Missouri Legislature is on behalf of his family, his friends, and his neighbors in the 25th district.

Not only does Jeremy bring years of qualified experience and commitment to the race for the state legislature, he also brings a passion for helping others that is contagious to those around him. His passion for helping others started at a young age and continued to build throughout college as he volunteered for the American Red Cross (later becoming the executive director) and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. After college, Jeremy served his country overseas in the United States Peace Corps as a community health education volunteer in Turkmenistan. (where? Click HERE for a map of Turkmenistan) Jeremy currently serves as a CASA volunteer in Jackson County where he advocates on behalf of children who have suffered abuse and neglect. In addition, he donates his time to the wonderful people at Operation Breakthrough and the Kansas City Child Abuse Roundtable to help make Kansas City the best place to be a kid.